Saturday, July 10, 2010

en fete

Produce and people

The sun shone, not quite your 30 degree of England but enough. Enough so one didn't need a coat and a visit to a 'show' might be rather pleasant. Off we jolly well went up to Point - a place we can see from home over the bay but generally venture. Paid our entrance fee and took off to see the exhibits. Sheep and Coows were being judged as were the clootie dumplings and harris tweed pies. Then the show was opened by some hack who lives locally. After he had been through the first three pages of the speech, we gave up and went to see the produce. As you do. We missed the Highland dancing and the Lewis pipe band - but never mind, we'll see that at the Tong Show.

For the photo geeks among you, I used and old Kiev -Soviet rangefinder camera loaded it transpired with Kodak Fine Grained Positive film. A film coated with a paper emulsion with a speed of about 5 asa . I developed it in print developer for 4 mins and got lovely results despite the fact I exposed it at 100asa!

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