Friday, August 13, 2010

Butcher, Baker and papers. The candlestick makers is shut.

How on earth is he happy at this time of day?? At t'butcher eh?
At t'baker[No. 1]. Looking pensive and to see all is there.
We are off to......... next
"Are the papers ready?" " Nearly" "Right-oh".
Back at the shop

I was up at the break of day today - at least half-an-hour before I'm usually up and soon there is the purring of an engine outside. I pop out to see a bright faced Craig, shop manager man of the Tolsta Community Shop in the van. "Good morning Sir" I ventured. I got in and we cruised off in much comfort - although I must admit I was less bright than Craig.

We visit the cash and carry. I get a nice badge to wear for 20 mins - and feel rather important I must say. I didn't use the camera there. Got to keep up appearances hasn't one. No sooner have we loaded the shiny new van than we are off to the Butchers where the nice man greets me with a smile while I try not to look at the animal bits in the shop - I'm a vegi you know. The pies and sausages get loaded so we pop up to the first baker - good rolls I'm told. A wonderful place where I think I may visit again - with camera. Then off to the second baker - "Hello" we say - as you do - and collect the order. [I might add here; we said 'hello' or variants of that to everyone we met - just for the record] .Down to the paper distributors and a short wait while they are sorted. They are just off the subsidised plane that brings them in - can't imagine how the government can justify continuing that. Still, my Guardian has arrived so that's nice.

Then off back to Tolsta and the little but vibrant community shop where Dorothy is already waiting at the laptop to scan things in. All before 9.30am.

What a fine morning it is too. I'm soon back home developing this little bit film of film I took with my little point and shoot. I might have a sleep now!

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