Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wells, Somerset

To be honest, this isn't in Wells but at Maters. Tis my nephew Calum apparently. Hardly recognised him since he is a bout two feet taller than when I last saw him . But it is him.
A woman who annoyed me
A gentleman

Have you been there? Oh, it soo lovely. Nice cafe's, fantastic pasty shop, lovely Kirk too. Near Glasto and everything. We went Eve and I and Mater who lives nearby and to whom we paid a visitation. Took a bus ride over in the sunshine and pointed my new-to-me Holga at all and sundry. As you do. Lightleaks an-all. As there is. Must get the gaffer-tape out!


Anonymous said...

what did you do to annoy that poor woman...I think we should be told. (Awaits with baited breath)

Laurie said...

More Holga, please!