Friday, August 27, 2010

I know, I know

Hector's famous peats and silage

Yes, its a week-old photo but I have some snaps to develop and as yet have not found time to do them. The back door needs painting again so it glows :-) [yellow don't you know] and the peats still have to be brought in.[on that note; if anyone wants some work experience .......]. So, bearing all that in mind, and taking into account that the sun was shining brightly through the window this morning causing a riot of rainbowletes around the room as it interacted with a crystal hanging there, I shot out of bed - slowly. Looked at the washing on the line I had left from the night before [note to self; remember to bring it in by Saturday night]and then readied myself for a little trip. Sonja, Stefan et al, our good friends in the village have some South African visitors staying - and they like taking photos! Say no more. I was in their car in a flash. Well, it would have been in a flash but I had to wait till they arrived you see - but arrive they did eventually and we popped over to Callanish - passing the Western Isles MSP who was cycling across the moor in bright sunshine in aid of the Mod - whoever he is :-) - with a black cloud lurking behind him!

Arriving at the Stones it started raining- as it does. Mike the Bike, the an Lanntair tech-man disappeared soon after in a cloud of spray on his Harley-Ferguson, the tourists flocked back down to the cafe leaving me alone in the circle - apart from a couple of lost souls in hoodies - no doubt still finding their way from the Solstice festivities. Rudi and Jenni - my new found S.A chums huddled in the jalopy with Sonja who used the excuse of feeding the bairn rather than braving the ravaging midges who arrived, rather predictably as the wet stuff eased. Rudi and Jenni did get their snaps with a lovely black cloud hanging over the moor behind - no doubt with our MSP underneath!
With parched mouths we headed up to the Morven gallery - a haven of tranquillity and liquid refreshment - not forgetting THE APPLE PIE - which is worth the journey alone if you are reading this in London. After a troll around the gallery where I wondered at the wonderful work of Gareth Watkins - again. I took tea. Green Tea, Dragon Well - the very best I was told. And here's the revelation for me [apart from the spooky old man's face that was looking at me in the reflections of the wet roof opposite this morning that is] - brewed at 80C - not boiling eh? You're joking me? "No" he replied with an air of authority that made me stop and listen. "That's why this will taste so good" and I can't argue - IT WAS WONDERFUL. Without doubt the best tea I have ever tasted. My own home-made green tea - probably made from mere dust and put in little paper-like bags and sacrificed by me in boiling water for 30 secs was nothing like it. Nothing like it - at all.

So, here you are; recommendation of the day. Go to the Morven Gallery - it's somewhere over on the west-side of the Isle of Lewis near a house where there's sheep - oh, and a real white horse - see here for ferry info to get here first - look at Gareth Watson's watercolour images then order Green tea made at 80C and sit back and feel the pleasure. And don't forget the APPLE PIE!

I'll stop now and once I've had a walk to the shop, along the beach and what have you, painted the door and cleared up a bit, I may develop some films. No, I'll do the films first. One has to prioritise!

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