Thursday, August 26, 2010

Painting light catcher

For a while now I have had this bottle of Silverprint Liquid Emulsion lurking in the fridge. Been waiting for the right image to use it on - having said that I have never used this stuff before so it was going to be a bit of an adventure. The great thing is, this stuff comes with lots of instructions.
So, into the darkroom I go armed with the emulsion and some glass bowls. One has to heat up the emulsion so the stuff can be painted on and this is done in hot water. Anyway, got the stuff all liquid - could feel it in the bottle. Opened the top but none came out. So put it back in the hot water for a while. Tried again and again none came out. Mm, I thought rather perplexed. "I'll give it a squeeze" So I did and all of a sudden I had warm liquid emulsion everywhere. It seems there was a clear plastic bung in the top of the bottle!
As it happens, a lot of the emulsion went into the warm glass dish I was using to hold the emulsion before brushing on so, I quickly sorted a few more sheets of watercolour paper and sloshed the lot on.

It prints ok as it happens. Very pleased with this my first liquid emulsion effort - Hectors new peats - probably the most famous peat stack in the world!

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roopDcat said...

paper texture gives interesting effect...I think overall the effect, and maybe it's just my bias, makes me like this print more than the recent flickr view. I've never thought about using liquid emulsion prior.