Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm back

MiLady McGlynn O.B.E
A 'walk'

I got back in time for a right old hoolie too. The ferry stopped running and I lay in bed listening to the tiles rattling on the roof with my tummy rumbling. Which is no great surprise since the hotel on the mainland where my employers put me this week served the poorest food I've ever had in such an establishment. At least the lunches provided at the office were fine affairs so I didn't starve.

Staying in a new-town near Glasgow is not my fav place to be since there is nowhere to walk that has a view other than a concrete shopping centre of roads. My morning walk consisted of a quick trot to a big supermarket in the shopping centre - three under-passes, six million fag-butts on the ground next to the hardened chewing gum plus four empty crisp packets - and bought my copy of The Grawniad to browse over at breakfast. It was on such a brief journey that on impulse, I bought a body spray thing. Musk of the Lily or some such unlikely fragrance. I had in mind a mere light suggestion of fragrance. Unfortunately, I must have dozed off and leant on the nozzle when applying the spray since the smell was overwhelming. Later, sat in the office in my self-imposed Musk-fug I could hardly breathe. I can't imagine what poor Tom was thinking as it was suggested he sat to me that morning - and bless im - he did sit in my general direction. Almost.

Anyway, we don't have trains here so I took the opportunity to go on one from the the new-town I was in and went up to Glasgow to have a lovely time with Aileen - a paralympic cycling gold medallist from Athens and Bejing whom I know from my previous job. I snapped her up with the Holga and flash catching a nice silhouette of the town hall on the back ground.

So lovely to back on such a peaceful island- at least it was until the rally cars started flying round Stornoway this morning. All for Macmillan Nurses charity mind you so, I took a little look and did my bit.

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John Hastings said...

For goodness sake lass. You should have said something. Calderglen is the local country park beauty spot and a mere stroll from the hotel. Bits of the original village date back to ancient times, well the early part of the 20th century ... and for the adventurous there is a Kwik Fit garage just round the corner from the hotel where you can watch oily handed sons of toil invent over inflated prices for tyres and exhausts. What more do you want?