Monday, August 23, 2010


Twas a nice morning when I poked my nose out the door at early O'clock. Craig, the village shopman arrived soon after but I managed to get a load in the washing machine - as you do. Stornoway is very pleasant early doors. Not too many people or cars around though there's a fair bit of action up the Rigs Road area as the town's industries crank up for the day.

The bread was ready for collection as were the papers. Milk was put in the back of the van and we trundled home in the diffused sunlight of the morning. Out came the washing from the machine and the second load went in and later onto the line in the fresh breeze. Off again I went to Stornoway this time for business and pleasure. Pleasure was the Photographica 'meeting' in An Lanntair [where else?] and business was business in the same venue but with new personages.
Business concluded and I see the rain is now falling. Absolutely plimsoleing it down as it happens. Back home the washing on the line is now soaked so back into the machine it goes for another spin. So much for saving energy.

Rather reminded me of the Carloway show this year!!

Enjoying Carloway show

Enjoying Carloway show 2

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Jeff Damron said...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your fine photography and writing. It is like visiting your fine village (and other parts you visit) and I enjoy it thoroughly.