Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whales and things like that

The sun was trying to shine and I needed a walk. Since I had been up early and into Stornoway to collect the papers and bread for the shop, now I needed fresh air. And it doesn't get much fresher than out around Garry beach. Off I trotted, along the cliff edge, across the stream then the river and eventually up onto the 'road to nowhere'. It was lovely. Hardly a soul around - just one couple who thought they were going to walk to Ness.
Then the sun came out and I bumped into three ladies off on the track out to track whales and dolphins. Up from the Moray Firth, they were working for the wdcs and looking for Rissos dolphins which apparently breed down this way and are on the endangered list. Despite this, the Faoese slaughtered a pod of these creature recently as a change from their usual whales.
Had a lovely chat with the three, watched the sea-eagles for a bit and went home happy.

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