Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dave Macleod

Spent a nice evening in Stornoway in some soul-less hotel room getting frightened, inspired and amazed as Great CLIMB climber Dave Macleod regaled us with tales from rock. And things. Goodness sakes, the man is off his rocker! I mean, there he was hanging from one arm 600ft in mid-air on some wet rock in North Harris with a gale bowing and all that and he saying " How wonderful it is to be here". Brilliant evening and just the thing while the wind blows still outside! Check out Mr Macleod's blog.

Meanwhile, some of you might like to meet Maisey whom we feed since her mum moved away and her step-dad Alasdair passed on. She's a lovely albeit wildish creature who is happy to take the food but less keen to make friends. Ah well, she's happy.

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