Friday, December 17, 2010

Going all Docherty

Mr Windy going all Docherty

"Mum, does Dad have to look like that?"

Mr Windy and his lovely wife Deanne was at the Rat-Pack concert last Friday evening enjoying the music and the company no doubt. I'm really not sure what was said between Jake Windy and Deanne since my ears were all tinitused up from the over-worked PA in the place combined with a high C from a singer and the tightly puckered trumpet player. But it doesn't look too approving! Eh?? Still Mr Windy was enjoying the attention. I might add here that the ciggi in his mouth was real but not his, not lit and not on a Sunday either :-)

For those of you who reside south of Watford / equator, you may [not] know that the island has had another unusual dump of snow overnight. So much so that the darkroom door was plastered with the ghastly stuff - as was the bedroom window which led me to initially think that the snow was deeper than it really was when I woke up. Thankfully, twas only a dusting of a few inches.

For those Leicafile forum-ites, there a bit for you over on my Island Crofter blog.

1 comment:

windy said...

what a cool dude ;) Not comfortable with the fag tho'.

Love the shot of Deanne and Jake - great expressions