Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's all about M.E.

I do M.E. or CFS - whatever yo want to call it. I'm in my 10th year so I am quite good at it. However, it has rather got the better of me of late - creaking bones, sore muscles and non-working tum. I have not been so productive on the snapping front as a result. Been a bit touchy and weepy too. But I'm getting better by the day. Meditation helps a lot.
This images of Emily cheers me no end. I took it at the recent Rat-Pack big band evening and I posted the original snap earlier. Now I've enlarged the neg on the pooter, printed it to very cheap OHP film and made this Vandyke. I just love the image. I have several versions of this - none of which are perfect but when I get the perfect print of it I'll varnish it and look at it from time to time and it will cheer me immensely and help me heal myself.


Gerda Lelieveld said...

I like the image very much.
The tone is beautiful and I do like the pose, a bit 'away'.

Laurie said...

it's a lovely picture.

Hope you start feeling better soon.