Thursday, December 30, 2010

Petri 7s

I recently acquired this little Petri rangefinder camera for a song. You wouldn't want to hear it, trust me. Tunefulness is not something that has visited me - not even fleetingly. The carmera came in a nice box and a leather case - the never-ready sort of case. Smelt lovely. Even better than my Zorki6 which has a touch of Frederick Engels' Condition of the working classes' about it.

This the Petri 7s was made by Kuribayashi Camera Industry of Japan and seems a fine and substantial affair made of metal and glass of the finest kind and works rather well for something that cost me ne'er a tune.
I'm not one to just wonder so loaded the thing with film and shot. I mean, just sat there and shot! And this is what I and the camera saw. The stove in the warming room.


windy said...

And a wonderful result it is too I must say :-)

Paul said...

Ufff! Wonderful texture! The velvety contrasting light is amazing in this shot! Bravo.

Mike said...

rodinal magic

Panagiotis Giannakis said...

Beautiful results. Although they were sold in huge quantities i never managed to find one in thrift shops.