Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Walking into 2011 - with Ghreit who isn't barking for a change!

So, that's just about it. 2010 done and dusted bar the fat woman singing - and as I mentioned before, I don't sing. Well, I don't sing in tune anyway. Eve does sing - but not often. Lord Wiesmier, Pirate of this parish [retired] never utters a word or a sound come to that!

Lots of snaps taken this year predominately with 35mm cameras due in part to the sort of snaps I've been taking and in part because the huge hike in film prices these days. Some of these snaps recently appeared on television too so The Crofter and family are now even more well known.

A week on the Isle of Jura in May with Toots and the Coelyns was very nice - as was the weather. Two weddings in Engerland and a trip Ullapool with the Smits and Windys for the cyclosportive made for a busy year.

The downside was that my health had not been fantastic all year but hopefully, with a bit of hard-work on my part getting my head to think me well - plus help from Anne-Marie and others, 2011 seems like it's going to be much better. And so it should be.

On a similar note, our pal Curls is not so well at the moment so I ask you for positive thoughts to go out to him.

So here's a big thank you for your time in 2010 and best wishes and love to everyone for a wonderful, peaceful and contented 2011.

But my biggest thanks is to Eve, my wonderful partner with whom I have the most wonderful life.


windy said...

Happy New Year to you both, All the best for 2011. Ian

Aonghas said...

happy new year andrea :)

Bjørn said...

Happy New Year. Good luck with your photography.

Bjørn said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your photography.

Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed your writing and photography for some time, lurking I guess you call it. Always come away feeling good. Continue on and have a great year.