Friday, January 07, 2011


It wasn’t me. I didn’t even see it there” said the accused. Stefan blocked the door with a menacing smile firmly entrenched on his face. Mr Windy was going nowhere. “I wasn’t even in the room. Ask Cailean, he saw me in the parlour” a flabbergasted Mr Windy pleaded.

Beth smiled secretly under her hat, the very hat worn by Deanne when the discovery was made. “Cailean is hardly going to be able to help you Dad, he’s not old enough to talk yet.”

Mr Windy spun round “Well, you’ll just have to wait until he can then he’ll tell you. For goodness sakes Stefan, let me out”. There was a slight scuffle in the gloom but Stefan did not move a muscle, his smile not even twitching.

Give me the hat Beth” Deanne said as she came into the room. “It’ll help me concentrate while I sort out this mess”. Deanne placed the pink hat on her head, brushed away stay strands of hair and set to work. “Now, who was in the room immediately before I found it? Jake?”

No, not present” Jake quickly replied looking a tad shifty without his dressing gown. “What happened anyway? Ah, the cake. I see.” Jake looked over the scene with growing interest. “Look, this has been cut and the chocolate spilt. There’s a trail of it and, oh look there’s some on Stefan’s shirt, and mouth.” Jake Poirot raised his eyebrows, ran his hand through his hair and took off into the other room. “ For goodness sakes, grow up you lot!

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windy said...

LOL, very good. I tried to tell you all it wasn't me, and Cailean tried to find the words to support me but all that came out was 'gaah', a lot of help he was. I knew it was Stephan all along - eaten far too much cake just look at the weight he's put on. He needs to buy a bike and get out more often - I can put him in touch with an honest guy who's got one to sell - it's his size too ;-)