Wednesday, January 05, 2011

In Homage to;

My homage to Michael Ackerman.

The other day I was having a discussion as to what makes a good snap - at least I think we were. I never really can tell if there is another agenda behind the verbals. And someone there at the time was mesmerised by my new green hat , so much so that they hardly said a word. I've taken it off now so you can relax.

My philosophy for image making is that sometimes you do something and produce an image that just shouts at you. It may not conform to rules so beloved of photography clubs and the like, it may not conform to any 'norms' but somehow it works. For me that is. Occasionally, this image works for someone else too and that's nice.

This does not define the image good, bad or indifferent it just means that I like it or perhaps that I react to it. I want to look again not just pass over it onto the next image. I might even want it on the wall - for a little while at least. Ask me to tell you what I look for in an image and I can't really tell you. I don't actually know. But when I see it I know that the one.

This snap here is one of those; taken in Stornoway on the fly with some old Soviet brick of a camera with re-confectioned aerial surveillance film and printed on Ilford resin paper this morning. It's not straight, sharp or interesting but I DO like it. This years masterpeice.

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Mike said...

Very nice. It really conveys a sense of time, place and character. I'm also amused that we posted similar street shots at nearly the same time, though mine actually dates from some years ago and half a world away.