Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Man called John

The man called John

Walking onto Highbridge railway station at midday I espied the seat. It seemed to be the only seat on this little un-manned place and it was occupied.

'Good day' I ventured to the man on sitting down, resting the backpack I was carrying.
The man leapt up and stood facing me eyeing me suspiciously. We spoke a little more and he revealed to me he thought I might be a lunatic or something equally worrying ! After a while John - for that was his name - told me he came from the same village nearby where my elder sister lives. He knew her house and where did the name of the house come from? I didn't know but promised I would ask her to call him to let him know. A train passed through. "Gosh, that's really interesting" the man called John exclaimed. "Why is it interesting" I asked. "It's the nuclear flask train going to Sellafield from Hinkly Point power station and usually there's only one flask and today there was two". "Ah" I thought, this man is interested in just about everything.

We talked some more, the train I was catching arrived and I left him sitting on the seat his bicycle awaiting his attention by his side and I felt revived by his demeanour.

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