Friday, January 21, 2011

No, No!!!!


I can't believe it. We live on an island - albeit a coldish one, ravaged at times by wind and rain and, here's the important point, surrounded by sea. The harbour still has fishing boats in it - although most of them fish for shrimps I'm told by good authority. The island, for those who you who don't live out this way is located off the Scottish mainland, somewhere out west. Scotland is still noted for its fish. Ok, stocks are low and yes the seas have been over-fished. But is there any reason to import fish - supposedly fresh fish - all the way from Indonesia????????

I was looking in a shop that sells such marine foodstuffs and noticed it today. I reeled back stunned. Next to the fish from Indonesia was Scottish fish - no doubt much fresher. Now, the Indonesians are fine people, the country is lovely but all those food miles!!!! It's like bringing coals to Newcastle [or perhaps these days, coals to Poland]. I don't begrudge the Indonesians income or exports but not all this way! It is globalisation gone mad! I bought the Scottish fish.

Now, Mater wouldn't countenance buying fish from Indonesia, even if she knew where it was. Mater does have standards you know and flying fish all that way would not be one of them. How right she is.

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Tony Giles said...

It's sad isn't it?

I look over Broadbay and the neighbours told me that it once was full of herring (before my time), now there's nothing left.