Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ok, were back in business

Been in the darkroom, circumventing the film-scanner and producing a real print. Twas lovely being back in there breathing in the fumes, stumbling around in the dimly lit room [especially since the fluorescent tube of the white light fell out and was too damaged to use again].
Seems like this snap on the film was taken a few weeks ago - all that snow and everything. I shouldn't look at it too much as you won't sleep tonight. I will, I'm immune to such images plus I've been meditating for almost an hour on the floor of the summer parlour. I'm so chilled I've already rested my eyelids for half an hour until my right side got a tad over-warm from laying too close to the recently lit stove.

The print is on some lovely old kodak polyprint paper. Tones wonderfully in sepia too. And before you ask, that's a cable running across the top left corner. And yes, the horizon is tilting to the left. Must have been windy that day :-)

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