Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wells [not "next the sea"]

Mater and Me at Mater's

I was there, strolling around with Mater and later sister. Wells in Somerset that is, drinking in the vibes and whatever as you do in such a place. The market was finishing, twas getting dull and a cafe still had not been visited. I remember a time when I came to a Bath Music Festival concert in Wells Cathedral of music by Messiean and he was there. Must have been a few years ago since he passed away in 1992. The concert was excellent tho. I mean really excellent. It was a time when I had a classical musician as a friend and she introduced me to such things. Stravinsky's Soldiers tale springs to mind. Gosh I was so high-brow those days. I suppose that comes from being born in Bath you know. In the better end. The Bath Festival then used to have a Jazz arm as well so I got to see/hear Egberto Gismonti and the Kronos Quartet among others. How good was that?

To Wells; I was inspired enough to find a post of sorts, place my camera and shoot some Titatrenko inspired shots. Mater would hate that picture so I have included a snap of myself and Mum in her lounge with lots of her art around the place. I look like I have been airbrushed into a grotesque - but I always look like that :-)

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