Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More moor

The Moor towards our peats.

I don't do landscapes. You probably know that by now. I mention it often enough. However, later in the year, my dear Eve and I plus Mr Windy, Deanne and the Smits are all off to Tuscany for a bike ride. As you do. It's an event you have to ride on pre-1985 bikes so all my bikes are ok. :-) I thought I'd take an old folder to the event as well as a rangefinder and this was a trial. Why else would I take landscapes?

Still, we do have some nice scapes in the land round this way so it's not too much of a trial. This is the walk out to our peat-bank. If anyone wants to come and learn peat-cutting then plan your trip for May. Lessons are free!


gz said...

you may not *do* landscapes...but you do seem to be posting pictures to inspire which happen to be.....landscapes?!

Enjoy your trip

mbt said...

I'd love to say we'll be there - nowt like a bit 'o peat...........but sadly I don't think we will

Iain said...

Peats are hard work, as I recall from cutting about 30 years ago on our (then) bog in northern Skye. Still, it does burn, provides heat, smells not too bad and.......it's free! I wish we had some up here in northern Sweden!