Monday, February 21, 2011

The weekend

Look, look, sunshine eh? Colour! There must be some mistake.
No, it's my snap al-right but I eventually got round to sending the film in to be developed some 6 months after exposing it. Mr Windy swapped some B&W for a couple of rolls of Ektar - which as it happens, I don't like. But the snap is Ok - on day when the sun actually shone, the cold wind was not cutting through your coat like a knife through butter and all seems wellish in the world.

In a place like this - Isle of Bernera since you ask - one can forget the world is in turmoil, there's revolutions all over the place, the consumer capitalist economies are unsustainable and the biosphere is moving to a state where it will not be able to support human habitation in years to come. But best not to dwell on that all the time. Best to meditate and 'be'.

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windy said...

I wasn't too keen on my results with ektar either