Saturday, April 30, 2011


"Cup of tea Ernest?"

...on Sea that is. I was there last week whilst visiting Mater in hospital. Since you ask Mater is doing well which is rather grand. Had bunting round her hospital chair whilst sat watching a wedding on TV the other day with her special home-made hat on.

Reminds of the time we went to Buck Pal a few years back for a garden 'party' [don't ask]. Mater made this really lovely little pill-box type hat for the occasion and it looked terrific - as did Mater. Only thing was it rained. Poured actually and the people who live in that huge palace made us stay in the garden with not enough tentage to stay dry under. So, we go wet and Mater's hat sagged, the dye ran down her cheek and in the end the hat went in the dustbin. Mater had a nice day though.

In Burnham-on-Sea I strolled around in the sun aimlessly shooting the day away with no particular idea in mind. Maybe this snap could be part of my 'Whatever it is ...... it's overrated' project.


Rafiki said...

Hi Andrea... Loved B-on-Sea... Is the water taxi still going over to the island? The view, when seeing Burgh Island when descending into Burnham is so special. I do hope that your mother continues to make good progress... and recuperative cuppas at Burnham can only help. Best wishes, Tx

John said...

Hi Andrea. Love the blogs. Glad to hear your mum is on the mend. I missed the meeting today but after being the only one there last week I assumed public holidays were non meeting days. See you soon. Colin (Grass!)