Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bishop's Bottom

Mum's doing Ok since you ask.

 B&B Ullapool views
On the way back from doon sooth, my dear Eve came over to Inverness to meet me off the biplane and it wasn't long before we found ourselves ensconced in the Blackfriars pub supping on some fine proper ale. As it happens, Eve' was not Bishops Bottom but something strong from Orkney while I risked all with a half of Hector  [ale; so you North Tolstaonian's don't get the wrong idea] . Lovely it twas too. The walk along the canal to the Tomnahurich cemetery was great too. One can waste a great deal of time exploring this fascinating place - the headstones often include the occupation of the deceased. We saw engineers, ship master, prison governor, tweed manufacturer, an iron turner, military people of all sorts but we missed the lion tamer that is [allegedly] there.
We tootled over to Ullapool on t'charabanc where we spent a fine evening enjoying the foodie delights and the views from the excellent B&B [although I am less enthused with the 'memory mattress' in the place that seemed to know the size of my deriere but forget my back].

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gz said...

good to hear about your mum.

Never tried a memory mattress...not sure I want to now!!

the "word" is muclemat...hmm!