Friday, May 06, 2011

Her loveliness

Eve in all her loveliness on t'beach.

The weather is still good. It wasn't so good this morning as I took a light stroll up the village to see my pal for coffee. When I came back i ensconced myself in the darkroom to make a minor masterpiece and came out an hour or so later blinking in the blazing sunshine. How did that happen? Immediately I took off to The Crofter as I was sure they'd be sunning themselves again waiting for the sheeps to baa or something. I was mistaken as The Crofter was inside gossiping to another villager and making teeth - as one does to make ends meet. 

It did pop into my mind that I mind take out the bicycle for a spin this afternoon so I laid down and luckily the feeling soon passed. My dear Eve's sister and husband of that parish is arriving this evening for a tootle around the island. No doubt Mr Eve's Sister will be looking around with an eye to buy up a croft or three in the village for a little business venture :-). 


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