Thursday, June 30, 2011

Working it all out

This is not Robert James Stuart 

I once met a really nice chappie from America. He contacted me through the island Crofter blog and came over to the island to do some anti-cinema movie filming - sorta like Andy Warhol without the fame. The idea was to set up his all singing and dancing didgi still/movie camera along with sound recording systems, point the camera at a Crofter and just wait. The images captured were superb. Crofters just stood there wanting perhaps to say something, thinking of all the better things they could be doing while, in the background, a dog barked, a door creaked and so on. Wonderful stuff. If I could find it online I would show you.

Now, my idea is anti-photography. I don't set up anything, I shoot on the fly, long-exposures and no noise. The more I shoot these, the more I like them. In the darkroom, they are a pig to print. However, masterpieces should never be easy to make Eh?

I'm still working on the new Modus Operandi for the world by the wya. It took Mr Engels a while so I'll need a few more days at least. Sorry, hang in there.

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Snap Happy Chappie said...

Excellent! I love this (and the others in the set) so much. More please!