Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm doing OK

Stuff happens. It does, really, and it has been happening of late. Life goes on with a little help from the wonderful mindfulness meditation, the introduction of pilates into my daily regime, a visit or two to my Reiki teacher, a few crystals in the pocket and hung round the neck and seeing friends helps bring one back to 'normality' - whatever that is.
I also took a late-night visit to some stones out west on the island with Eve and my Reiki teacher for summer Solstice. I must admit though that the addition of loud music rather dampened the occasion but I got a snap or two.
 Waiting for something to happen -Solstice
 Something might be happening - Solstice
 Mr Windy - working.
Just William and Colin - Leica Man
I met William in An Lanntair under Calum Angus Mackay's  wonderful silver gelatin print 'hair clam'. William has retired from the employ we used to work together in but he is such a nice chappie I like to stay in touch. Colin, the Leica Man looks in a state of shock and I suggest it's because he had been traumatised after being separated from his beloved Lieca II[d] for a week. You can follow the extent of Colin's trauma and subsequent therapy here. Colin is one of the select Lewis Photographica [con't] who meet in An Lanntair every week to whinge at each other. What else would one do?

Meanwhile, while the world is continuing to become less habitable for humans as a result of our [note; not 'your'] greed and self-importance, I'm trying to get my head around an alternative and sustainable modus operandi with which we can live without ruining the bed we lie in. Give me another week please.


gz said...

Good to hear you're doing ok.

Have a look at www.downsizer.net
A forum for sustainable living...well, an online village as well!!
You'll find gz there too :D

Tom said...

What interesting timing.
I too have been sincerely trying to figure out what the heck is going on with this world, it's people and not it's morals as I don't judge, but it's plain old decent kindness towards each other.

I do know that in my now 51 years of life, I've never seen it like this. I happen to believe quite strongly that there is very little parenting left anymore. At least in the U.S., where everyone is looking out for number one. Caring what is in their driveway and the size of their home and not spending time with their children. Talking, teaching and parenting seems to be all but gone in my eyes.
Parents now wish to be their childrens buddies.
I am a single parent to a wonderful 15 year old son. A gentleman and a kind soul that gives to our community. I let him know for years two core points, 1. I parent mostly by the seat of my pants and by the mistakes I've made and 2. I'm not his buddy, I'm his Father, and while it's a tough job, I am so proud and I love this job.

gz said...

just read this post.
Active peace sounds right.


nice pots too!

Snap Happy Chappie said...

Oi! That's not fair. Mr Windy's working & Mr Leica's skiving, enjoying a couple of cups of coffee & a chat. Maybe it's time Mr Windy's coffee machine went on the blink so he could join in with the Lewis Select Photographica.