Friday, July 15, 2011


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Tis mad in town at the moment. There's dancin in t'street, people enjoying themselves and everything. The tall boats are blocking up the harbour and creating a nice atmosphere about the place. Feels like the klondykers are back what with all the Polish and Russian crews about the place!
Contemporary Polish 'Klondykers' [Leica II-d]

Turn down one street and there's the Highland dancers, the other street and there's Samba dancers and a mainland drum band. Nice. Quite a change from the normal quietude of the place.

Talked to Mohammed again today - looking real smart in a sharp suit - a change from the work gear from the night before as he was doing the overnight guarding of the 'Continental market'. "Such nice people here" Mohammed told me.

I took some snaps too. Then I messed with one in PS. Just because I can.
Thanks be to Leica Man for the loan of the Leica II[d] and Tri-x


Snap Happy Chappie said...

Hey. Nice shots Andrea. You're right about the town being mad at the moment. I was trying desperately to get in a mood for taking pics of the tall boats but it just wasn't happening. Eventually my wee nephew persuaded me to take the boat out for a spin so we ended up snapping away at the big one out at Arnish.

Glad you're feeling better.

windy said...

The place is 'buzzing'. Not seen any crusty jugglers tho'. Like the sailor portrait - lovely.