Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh dear

It was not a good evening. The music was ordinary, there are too many people around and the only drunks I saw were sat in front of me at the music venue. I left at half-time not wishing to have another ordinary hour and had a pleasant stroll around the harbour gandering at the visiting yachts and crews. Not a drunk insight and I didn't take a photo either. Didn't have the heart for it. Could not be bothered. I'm missing my mother who is not here to receive my phone calls now.

As I get older - as inevitably I do - I find myself less able to waste time listening to music that's just OK. Or maybe I go to concerts with a negative feeling in me already. I must meditate on that to explore it.

 Last week's campsite at Lickisto

Leica Man

Still it wasn't a terrible day. Leica Man met me in town earlier to loan me his lovely old camera and Eve is wonderful as always. Three snaps; two from last week's little camping trip and one of the kindly LeicaMan

I must meditate now.


gz said...

That looks a good place to camp.

Missing my phone call recipient too.
Missing having someone to say "Good Morning" to every day.


windy said...

Take care A xx

Lovely shot of Colin.

cate mcrae said...

Good to re-discover your blog. Andrea. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. I'm also missing my mum and that daily call. Peace to you.