Sunday, July 24, 2011

The road

I don't do landscapes #7

Some nice chap sent me a batch of old film to play with. I loaded up the Baby Graphic 6x9 with some old-looking Ultra100 film [whatever that was] and took it out on an old peat rack over the back of  the village. I looked at the view for a moment or two, stacked some red filters in the front of the lens and took this snap. I like it. Even with the odd effect of the old film that I had soaked in Rodinal 1:100.
 St Kilda so I'm told.

The Coelyns on t'boat to StKilda NT shop

Meanwhile, my dearest Eve was bobbing around in the Atlantic on the way to St Kilda for a look see with the Coelyns, Toots and William among others. Apparently, St Kilda is a NT bookshop with an army base attached. Not sure why they would want to go there but still, I had given my Viv UW&S to Eve to play with in between collecting pixels with her machine. I hereby present two images to prove Eve wus there.


gz said...

I like that "I don't do landscapes".

I can't say that I do either, but when something like that appears you have to go for it without thinking.
Often those are the best.

Have you seen the black and white film about St.KIlda? It ends as they left the island (early 1950s?)
You can see why they stayed there...and why they left,too.

Laurie said...

REALLY like #7. and the chippie photo.

Lucky Eve-hope to get to St. Kilda someday.