Monday, July 25, 2011


Me old pal Mr Windy, im of Windy Wanderings, decided I needed a challenge or six and kindly lent me his Holga TLR to play with - already loaded with some tasty Foma 100. Now that's the sort of loan I like. I seem to recall Mr Leica doing the same thing but with Tri-x.
Anyway, once Eve was safely back on dry land after her visitation to the NT shop on St Kilda, we snook off to a nearby beach in the warmish cold wind to gawk at the surfer people. Not one VW van in sight so they can't have been proper surfers.
 Back from St Kilda

 "I surf". Yes, we know!

 Shadow wants to surf too

Shadow and Frinn

The TLR Holga is a real pig to use to be quite honest. You look down  through the view finder to see some blurred something in a round hole, you think about it then take the snap anyway. What you see is not what you get with this gem of a 'camera'. I like the snaps tho.


Snap Happy Chappie said...

Yea. Those are really nice pics. I'm a bit scared of the Record you loaned me too. Zit okay if I try the other roll in my old Kodak box?

Sam Brightwell said...

Really like these Holga snaps, Andrea. I haven't heard of a Holga TLR. I guess it's a bit like a lubitel? Picture please, for us camera pornographers.
I do sometimes wonder if I'd get more satisfaction with my Holga if I could see through the lens, for composition and focusing... a Holga SLR, if you like (I think there is one), but then I tell myself that if would defeat the whole purpose of shooting Holga-stylee.

Andrea Ingram said...

Sam, there's link from where it says HOLGA TLR in the text.

windy said...

Leicas? TriX? I'm a cheapskate. Ebay toy cameras and cheap Eastern European film ;)