Thursday, July 07, 2011

That's not a Leica !

Is that some Japanese camera?? Eh?

The other fine day whilst strolling round the Castle grounds in The Smoke, I came upon the Leica family happily taking in the sun and looking very relaxed with life. Mr Leica didn't even have grass on his boots - which makes a change for him.

I took some snaps - as I do - but with a loaned Minolta 7000i which is by all accounts a very nice camera with great glass but is a huge lump! However, I know young Leica didn't like it. It's not as nice as dad's at all. And of course, he is right.


Snap Happy Chappie said...

Oh my sides are still sore from laughing at that post Andrea. It took me a while to pick myself up from rolling around on the floor. That is a cracking picture of young Mr Leica too.

windy said...