Saturday, July 09, 2011

A day or two

 Down Harris way
This morning's stroll

Eve and I took time off our busy lives to play big with the Harris massive at Mission House Studio the other evening. We tootled down to Harris [it's all part of the Isle of Lewis & Harris and joined by an isthmus - Tarbert] after Eve finished her worked, parked up the tent at the wonderful Lickisto campsite - highly recommended by us and loads of other people too - and set off to hear the fantastic Kyle Quartet play Beethoven. The venue is just perfect, the location too. The Hosts - Nickolai and Beka were so welcoming and the music sublime. I mean, I've never heard Quartet 15 Opus 132 before but it is just wonderful, my fav of the evening in fact. We even had a composer fella Piers Hellawell to speak about the piece before that last quartet - and very interesting it was too. Now we are wondering if we justify another trip down for next Friday's concert.

I think we can :-)

I did take some snaps - if you can take snaps with a Graflex 2x3 handheld. Eh? Any, here's two I didn't muck up too much, taken this morning :-)

And the coastguard were out practising just down the road again - although I did wonder if they were doing a spot of sub-contracting work for the council so they can spot builders using the village skip for their rubbish instead of having to pay to dump it.
Just wondering.


gz said...

a lovely trip.

builders? wouldn't be surprised!
I only know one eco-friendly ordinary builder...and he is a cyclist!!

Snap Happy Chappie said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert. Lovely place the Mission House. Were the midgies bad at Licksto?

windy said...

I think a trip to Harris for the next concert has to be preferable to the hebceltfest - not impressed with this years line up :-(