Monday, August 08, 2011

The day of the incident

Twas a while back now, when a real summer seemed nere a dream, the winter had not long retreated and The Crofter was up to his armpits in something smelly. A loud scraping noise emanated from down the road and as a car came to a halt, the racket stopped too. Hector's old trailer had fallen apart after a few years resting on a village croft. I shot down to the scene at a leisurely pace with The Crofter. A wheel of the trailer had parted company from the thing itself. As I reported before, rust has got into the metal and rendered it somewhat weak. Hector and The Crofter turned the trailer on its side - and the other wheel fell off. I only had the Agfa Record 6x9 with me but I shot the scene all the same then forgot I had.
Today Mr Leica Man gave me the film from the camera to scan as I had lent him the camera for a while. And this image was on it.

Hector inspects a rogue wheel


Snap Happy Chappie said...

Well captured. The wretched rust worms have been at it again.

gz said...

and I thought it was Metal Moth!!