Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ugh huh

AS you may know by now, I don't 'do' landscapes. Can't abide them at all - especially the thousands of pics of Callanish Stones, the beaches and what have you. But I am rather fond of a portrait of a peat-track track.

Since my Kowa6 camera is indisposed, my Kiev 60 and Hasssie is with Mr Windy, I resorted to the Holga for a stroll on the boggy side. The peat-roads are not made of peat as it happens but cross the moor by the village here to get to the banks where the peat is cut. The peats allocated to us are out at the far part of the peat-banks up behind the village. You pass alongside one lochen on the rough stones of the peat-road, rise up over a mound to descend to another lochen through which the tractor must pass to get to our bank.

To be quite honest, our peats are very poor. The best peats are black sort of coal like stuff. Our are grassy brown and burns poorly . I'm not sure why we still cut the stuff since we have to burn coal underneath to keep the stuff alight. Maybe I'll find a peat-bank that hasn't been cut for three years that has better peat and is closer. That's how it's done round here.

There's another snap of this type over on my Flickr - see on right for link.


Snap Happy Chappie said...

They just keep getting better.

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Laurie said...

Nice one.

btw, how do the peat banks get allocated? Is there someone you go to for rights to dig another spot with better stuff?