Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kiev madness

 Toots Wilson looking pleased with himself


I have the old klunker of a kamera from the Ukraine called a Kiev 6c. Or it might be a Kiev 60 - I never really worked it out. I had both acquired from a chum on trips to the former Soviet states and from goodness knows where. One packed in completely and i was left with the other one which works. Almost. I'd pretty much given up on it since its a lump and let in light when it shouldn't. Only, my beloved kowa6 is at the Dr so I took a look at the old Soviet bloc kamera again and tried to figure out what was wrong. I poked around with the shutter curtain a bit since that seemed to be where the light leak was. And in the process seemed to make it worse. I gave up again then a few weeks later gave it a last chance to prove itself. and it seems I may have the solved the issue - for the time being at least. How did I do that? So, here for your delectation are some snaps from that Kamera on Chinese gp3 film.

Oh, and I'm still playing with the matchbox pinhole.

 Another matchbox pinhole from the Wilsonian Institute

 A Wilsonian cake stand 

Pinholed Ziggy
Now I'm looking forward to seeing Mr Leica for coffee on Monday :-)


gz said...

Is there a way of working out what could be in focus with the pinhole camera?

Andrea Ingram said...

Well, there is - if you want the thing in focus :-)

Mr Leica Man said...

Yes, I was led to believe that with the minuscule aperture of a pinhole everything from 0 to infinity will be in focus. Unless, that is, you are Andrea and have a cunning knack of making art out of the 'slightly off focus'!

Lovely pics once again.

Coffee? Yes please!

gz said...


Iain said...

Those pinhole pix really are great. Real periody, atmospheric texture to them.