Monday, August 22, 2011

More Kiev madness

I was fumbling around in the gloom trying to sort the box room and the mound of old cameras and bits in there. I took the cameras out and sorted them into the pile of ones that are kaput, ones that are malfunctioning in some way and the one that works :-) Actually, I think I have a couple of cameras that are perfect condition but I'm not sure which ones they are :-)
The sky from a dark-place

In one Soviet-smelling leather case I found a Kiev 4a 35mm rangefinder I'd long forgotten I'd been given. Wasn't sure if it worked or had a light leak or something - as they are prone to do. I also found a little bit of APX400 so loaded a cassette with same, chucked it in the Kiev and set forth for coffee with Jason & Mr Leica. It works! Well, nearly anyway. Just the slower speeds are a bit suspect in that it won't fire at those speeds. And it may be that the rangefinder is off - which was just as well since Mr Leica took a pot shot of me with it - and the image is blurred. But coming home the weather was rolling in, I shut down the f-stop and shot this down the road from the darkroom door!

Before I took coffee, I went to Marybank tyre depot where the good gentlemen there took the nail out of one of my car tyres and mended the think with a smile and a warm greeting. I would never use any other place such is the pleasure of going there.!

And while you around listen to this podcast on the filmwasters site - talking to Ilford Harman.


Mr Leica Man said...

Maybe the rangefinder is okay but it's my eyes that are out? Nice tyre picture!

gz said...

weather like that can be dramatic and breathtaking, with such contrasts

Wye Photography said...

Hello Andrea,

I love your blog and pictures. I came across your blog whilst browsing, a lucky find. Please keep up the good work. Best Regards.

Mike said...

The lens on the Kiev seems to like the kind of weather you have there.