Thursday, August 11, 2011


 At the Taraxacum Collection

The Shed

Look, I'm sorry.

I couldn't sleep, the street festivities in Blighty have been exercising my brain cells too much - what with all the thinking and talking one feels the need to do about it. The night lasted long but in the end I got asleep in my bed. Well, a bit of a sleep anyway.

Now I awake and the PM is being all primemintiserely or something. As if....

It's not quite the same as in England here yet. Granted one of the dogs I took for a walk this morning had a poo in a conspicuous place and then ran around a bit. But it wasn't a riot. Honest.

I'm back home now listening to Late Junction on the Iplayer thing after the dog walk in the sun, a cup of welcome tea at the dogs owners place and a visit to the neighbours. Seems reasonable to me.

Now go and read please

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