Thursday, August 11, 2011


I mean, I'm the one without the television here!

I spend half the day taking snaps, developing them and sometimes printing them in my little darkroom. The other half writing some drivel to go with them when published [if that;s not an overly pretentious term for blogging] here and all I get is "who the blitheration is Adam?"

The last half of the day I can't sleep [like I can't do fractions] - as now, and I wonder why I bother to write the thing at all.

Gratuitous village bike snap

I do have four-seven 'followers' - for which I am grateful - but I think I must have either bored them rigid with my posts, they've have got mugged in the recent  street 'festivities' in good old Blighty or else most don't know how to make a comment. I know for a fact that someone on the island looks at this since they comment to me over coffee from time to time. I've even had villagers comment to me in passing - or to others about what I have posted - so I know you are out there!

Please do say something and thanks for looking here. I might post something interesting soon :-).


Iain said...

Keep rolling along there. We're still watching, you know!

gz said...

we'll have to start leaving a stone to show we've been!

windy said...

No, never heard of him. Any relation to Jim? Mahna mahna

Andrea Ingram said...

Yes that's him Mr Windy :-( Only with less hair and a nicer side-kick. Oh, and less song and dance - except when the bull got a bit excitable :-)

Anonymous said...

I check nearly daily from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Its a lovely break from our 110- 115 degree heat index.

linzi said...

**waves** from one grumpy woman of lewis to another :) (it does say your grumpy on your profile! >:0)) I enjoy reading your blog, and looking at your pictures, I don't tend to post much on peoples blogs as I write utter nonsense most of the time..but keep blogging and turn that frown upside down ;) (((hugs))) xxx

Anonymous said...

Am I a follower? Well, I don't know. I can report that I read all the posts on Boxes and Bellows, enjoy the photos plus comments, and look forward to the next one. From Minnesota, U.S.A.

Andrea Ingram said...

Thanks all. Much appreciated. I shall try to keep it interesting now and again :-)

Anonymous said...

OK...OK...I have been following your blog for a couple of years from Michigan. I promise to make another comment sometime as I do enjoy your photos and language.

John Dacey said...

I'm likely not counted as a 'follower', but I stop in from time to time to read your chronicles of village life and the accompanying pix.

I've been a big fan of your commentary since the 'Velodrone' days at Manchester (I'm the bike shop in Miami that does lots of track stuff and you were immensely helpful to me back in the mid '90s.

Sorry to hear of your mom. Stay well -


Laurie said...

Should be working here in NY but reading your blog instead. Hmm, to order a Tolsta mug or wait until I can buy one myself? May take a few more years with a kid in college!

Roy Karlsvik said...

OK! I'll take a step forward as well, and make myself heard for a short moment. Started to follow your blog because of the photos, and because I tend to do something very similar as you do as well... hauling a huge pile of more or less useless cameras around snapping. Something good comes out in the other end, sometimes, but not always!
After looking at your pictures I discovered the words as well, and had to start all over again... from the beginning. And now I'm here, in august 2011, and wonder how it all goes as I continue forward in time towards today.
Anyway, it's been a delightful tour, and I guess it will still continue that way.
As you got (in august 2011) four-seven followers, I just have to say that I still got 0 followers on my blog. I don't know if I stopped writing because I had no followers, or if I did not have anything to say for a short while, but my intention is to start again... one day.
All the best from Norway... or actually west of Shetland on a ship right now, but that's work.