Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where's Adam?

  Adam's constituency 

Horsing around

 Looking for Adam

 Adam's not here


 Listening to Adam

 Gossiping about Adam

 Gone to see Adam

 There's Adam!!!!

 Bored with Adam

 Cake for Adam??

Seems like I may have a shutter issue here. Another camera to bite the dust possibly :-(

My Kowa Six is still at the menders too and maybe it can't be sorted. Botheration


Snap Happy Chappie said...

Oh that's sad. Can I loan you something? Halina Rolls, Halina Paulette, Leica II, Bessa R4M, Rollei 35S, Kodak Bantam, Box Brownies (choice of 2), Leica M (ate).

Andrea Ingram said...

Thanks for the offer Sir. But, I have a few in reserve and this camera may be adjustable :-)

I think you must be the only person who looks at this blog these days!

Snap Happy Chappie said...

That's sad too. But not as sad as me only having 5 followers. 2 of whom are silent :-(

gz said...

not so!!

Hmm- if I saw him, would I know him from Adam?!

Andrea Ingram said...

Not sure Gwynneth, depends if you have ever watched 'Countryfile' ??

windy said...

Adam, Adam who the f... is Adam?

I'm looking at the blog too you know, have no idea why tho'? ;-)

Andrea Ingram said...

FGS you lot! I'm the one without the TV. Adam Henson

gz said...

no TV here either!