Wednesday, September 21, 2011

All Perked up and somewhere to go

I'm all Perked up and ready to go. The holiday is looming and my beloved Perkeo is filled with hope and anticipation of a trip with me - and I think I may take her since she is taking nice snaps these days - whatever I point her at. I'd had a little issue of focus but a little tickle here and there and all is well - well enough anyway. Sharpness is overrated, the preserve of the equipmentologists. Talking of which, I was told by some young but bright upstart the other day that my degree is not a 'proper' one since it is not only an 'ology' but a 'aphy' as well. Of course it's a real one, I had to talk to people AND measure pebbles - what more do you want? Young-uns eh?


Been to the mainland today. Yesterday I flew over there - broomstick class - for a work meeting in a nice hotel where I stayed. Stayed but not slept much since the rooms are so hot. And comfortable or something. The morning came slowly but I showered in the limitless hot water [although, to be quite honest, I didn't know it was limitless, it just didn't get cold when I used it. The chap who got up at 10.30am and came down to the foyer of the hotel with a scowl may have thought differently] and went  for a short stroll before the Inverness massive were awake

The stroll was lovely, the air clear and fresh and dryish- although that all deteriorated when I started the course in the hotel conservatory as the rain lashed down drumming madly on the roof - as it did most of the day.

I'm home now, all snugged up with the rain still lashing and the wind blowing with Eve by my side.

This is post 1001 too!


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Iain said...

that looks like a great load of peat/fuel. All set for winter, should be warm and snug, with a bit of luck.

John said...

Congratulations on 1001 posts. I have enjoyed them all, mostly.