Friday, September 23, 2011

Another fine day

Not the weather mind you. Tis raining and windy and has been all day pretty much, the forecasts are horrible which is not so good as we are meant to be on the ferry across The Minch early next week!

But, I had a lovely time at the Blue Pig Studio of Jane Harlington who always makes me smile. There's the wonderful welcome for a start and always a creative atmosphere. I hung about soaking it all up, drinking the coffee, eating the cakes and admiring the progress of works in the making. I hung about so long I got roped into catching the geese in the barn prior to transportation to another croft down the road. They were not happy geese either but with some skilful hands, the job was done and I did my bit of shutting the box lid. Someone had to do it!

I haven't a snap to post so go and have a look at Jane's work - it's wonderful.

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donnie said...

.... i must go see - another gallery i have failed to visit :))