Monday, October 10, 2011


 A nice Italian gaff

Eve's mount awaiting action

Yes, we have been to Italy - just in case you hadn't cottoned on to that yet. With Mr Windy and Deanne. Twas lovely. But very hot. Still, we stayed in a nice gaff in the Tuscan hills with a swimming pool - albeit a cold one! We swam all the same. I mean, I swam as well. Eh? I never swim!!!

The two Hebridean cyclists.

Despite the heat Mr Windy and Eve went out cycling in the days before the big event, sporting their fancy jerseys and old[er] bikes. I meditated. Deanne cooked some wonderful meals. And we missed our pals who couldn't come.

Home now the [lack of] heat is much more bearable - although me thinks Deanne prefers the Italian heat.
I have a stack of films to develop sometime. I'm getting through them slowly - which makes it far more exciting to see the snaps anew rather than see them in the back of the Electric image capturing device. Even so, Eve had one of those devices and here's me making sure that Mr Windy leaves the gaff. Yes, I look hot. Didn't I tell you it was hot??


Dominic Doherty said...

Great pictures... one day, I'll take part in L'Eroica too

gz said...

A very nice gaff indeed