Saturday, October 08, 2011


There's this town in Italy set among the Tuscan hills that's full of tourists. Lots of them. More in the summer but even in October it's busy. Ice-creams dripping in the heat, red shoulders in the sun and all that. We went too. Walked around a bit gandering at this and that, snapping at the other. The church place - Siena Duomo - is a magnificent confection. Black and white marble in and out - although we only saw the outside on account of the hoards going inside. All the same it was too hot and I was surprised the church didn't melt.
We even saw some L'Eroica escapes here.


gz said...

the life in the carving is really something to admire

Lawrance Brennon said...

Hi Andrea,
What great images. I just love it when photographers "break the rules".

The figure walking out of that picture is pure genius - what a tension it creates! Well done.