Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back to normal

 Shop work Eh? What's that all about then?

Rodney and Jane in awe

Normal it seems is rain and lots of it. Normal is also the Muineag staying in port, rain and me having a cold. Did I mention the rain?? Seems to have come down everyday since a month last Thursday week or thereabouts. I almost need a snorkel to negotiate the garden path . Anyway, Rodney and Jane came to visit which was lovely. It rained all the time they were here but, apart from Jane buying up the Harris Tweed shop contents in Tarbert, Rodney gassing to that ex-punk FlyingMonk in Obbe, we paid a visit to Stornoway's Lews Castle where they both marvelled at the the way it was being left to fall down in order to make a ruined castle - which obviously will attract countless visitors in the future.


The Flying Monk said...

Sussed! Lews castle to become new HQ for Team Sky. They really wanted one of those fancy castles you see all the helicopter shots of during Le Tour but they blew most of their budget signing Cav. As long as the 2012 Tour organisers switch the two rest days to the Sabbath there shouldn't be a problem.

Andrea Ingram said...

Great idea! I did mention the BunkHouse at Obbe for the early season pre-season gathering. Only, Mr Brailsford doesn't like ferries :-)