Thursday, January 05, 2012


I play.
Even though me bod is racked with a blimin cold, I'm coughing like the proverbial, I cannot sit around and do nothing. I took a quick stroll in the surprising sunshine this morning down to the village shoppe where 'Up Yours Mrs Maciver' was lurking with a smile, refusing to give me discount on my bulk purchase of one first class stamp. I noticed an ink-squirt print of two shoppe 'staff' [I use that term loosely here] has appeared on the wall - ripped off from this very same blog without so much as a by-your-leave. Eh? My lawyers are on to this as I speak and no doubt I'll be able to retire once the case has been settled :-) .

In the meantime, another masterpiece has been created after copious sloshing of liquids plus some elbow grease as I finished  a print I made yesterday in t'darkroom. My sisters both keep bees - I hate the things myself - but the wax they produce does lovely things to darkroom fibre prints. If you heat the print [on the Rayburn ] on top of a newspaper [The Guardian is obviously best but since I read that on-line and the computer screen in all likelihood would melt, the local Events rag had to suffice ] then rub a block of bees wax all over the print till the wax melts and the print is covered. Then take a piece of extra special exclusive paper - in this case kitchen towel - and rub the print all over till any excess wax comes off - whilst still hot. It's a really nice thing to do on a cold day as you keep warm doing the process and it smells nice.

Oh, excuse me while I wipe the keyboard. This cold is worse than I thought! I hope someone at work HQ is reading this as I am still on shift at the moment. Not now of course but tonight.

Once the print has cooled [and here it's best to hold the print flat with a few handy weights on the corners.  I used four cameras I found down the back of a chair ]  you can polish the print using the extra special exclusive paper again. Not sure why there's a light bit on the left -side of the print, something to do with scanning I shouldn't wonder.

Not sure the print is any better but I love doing the process. Makes me feel like a proper artist like my dear Mum who passed away last year and would often be found with paint, paper-mache or suchlike adorning her hair after an artistic session.

Gosh, I have such a sore nose!


gz said...

Sounds fun and a good result.

The wax has other uses- is there local honey? You can eat the Cappings (the bit cut off the honeycomb to let the honey out) which is a mix of pollen, honey, royal jelly and wax) it is lusciuos and apparently helps keep you healthy and ward off colds. Honey from your locality is best.

I'm treating my cold with liquorice cuttings and cidervinegar and hony in hot water. Seems to be working so far.

gz said...

PS. I like the new colour scheme. It is very easy to read :-)

Mr Leica Man said...

You really make me laugh!

mbt said...

Yup, the colour is a winner, very easy to read and I might have to nick it for our own blog - so more work for that solicitor of yours!! We use beeswax mixed with Stockholm tar on the gaff saddles. Versatile stuff... Like gz we use a concoction of honey, hot water and cider vinegar but with a healthy dose of brandy added or perhaps the latter was when we were regular citizens with jobs and a house?

astrobeck said...
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astrobeck said...

get better, and I like the beeswaxing. It does lend some, something extra to the print. Perhaps it's like an antique patina.
anyway, it's lovely.

Laurie said...

Love the result and I can just about smell the wax!