Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Great Alexander

The Great Alexander

This is Alexander. I work with him if you must know and a nicer, more trustworthy and pleasant workmate I couldn't wish for.  Alexander has a lovely family too with extremely talented kids to boot. Now he's into music, you know the proper stuff with violins and all that. I listen to Alexander talking about the loveliness of this piece of music and that fiddler, and then this piper and this particular tune. Tis a sad tale behind the tune and beautifully played too - all of which nere brought a tear to The Great Man's eye the other evening.

On the other hand I came across  Kimmo Pohjonen - who you may think I like because he has an interesting name. And of course you could be right but if you listen and watch here you'll know you'll not see accordion playing like this down the Sea Angling Club!

Mind you, I haven't met many who like the fella - so I don't expect to see him at the Heb Celt Fest - more's the pity.

Not with-standing that, a friend of mine - her name withheld for obvious reasons since she has to run the village shoppe - loves this sort of thing. Strange, because I find that interesting too. There's no telling is there?

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Iain said...

Kimmo's interesting and okay! Those Scandavegians can play a bit. He's a bit like a great Ozzie guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel. Check his version of 'Classical Gas' out on Tube.