Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Swim

A pre-wetted Royston

I took myself off today to enjoy the warmish winter sun. But not before I had visited Royston . With the weather such as it was, it didn't take much to get Royston and his doggie Zig out for a walk on Gress. Tis a lovely stroll along that beach - currently piled high with seaweed after recent storms. Only, to get from one end to the other one has to cross a river. We did that using the road bridge. Then we had a little stream to cross - which we also did. However, Royston lost his footing on one stone and went down laying flat in the cold stream before I valiantly rushed forward, forgoing my chance to snap up a wallowing fellow villager, and hauled him out  - dripping. Oh how we laughed. Sorry. "Oh, how I laughed".

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