Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Orwo n74

 A nice cuppa after rolling some film onto a cassette

....and then down to The Croft to quickly get through the short length of film

Hello, what's this all about then? Well, as it happens it's photography of the proper type. You remember, film and all that. Yep, I managed to acquire some Orwo n74 35mm cinematic film. Made in what once was East Germany, it's an interesting one I wanted to try. Not much infor available on to tinternet regarding developing but I turned to my trusty Rodinal [as that was only developer I had] 1:50 for 18 mins. 17 would have done better I think but not too bad at all me thinks.

There's a few more snaps from this roll over here :-)

What do you reckon then?


windy said...

Nice :-) I remember my dad using Orwo slide film in his Fed.

gz said...

very nice indeed

Iain said...

Looks pretty good, to me!