Thursday, January 19, 2012

The day it snowed again and I thought about last night when The Artist formerly known as Jon came to visit with a lovely friend. They played in my darkroom then stopped for a bite to eat.

A day in Harris

I got wet this morning. The snow covered me as I strolled up through the village. it was so dark - my lightmeter registering f2/ 30th @400asa at 11am! Trust me, that's is quite dark. But Royston was welcoming as usual at his home with a warm cuppa and the snow on me melted. That's the way it is. 

The Artist formerly known as Jon came over last evening and did artisty things in the darkroom with Anne, his friend from the west side of the island. The veg stew warming on the Rayburn tempted them in from the cold dark-room so we had a fine hour of chat too. I like that. I then had to drive 70 miles for work in hail and snow. I'm not so keen on that. 

I must get out again today with the camera - perhaps a little stroll down to see what chaos is happening down at The Croft and a short drive to Bac pharmacy to do a little shopping. In meantime, here's a snap from a recent trippette to Harris with Rodney and Jane.  It was dull that day too.


windy said...

Lovely pic. Catches the atmosphere of a dull day in Harris :-)

gz said...


Iain said...

Nice, atmospheric pic. Reminds me of our time on Trottenish, N Skye, many years ago. Taken in Mid-summer, maybe!?

Carol said...

fantastic photo!