Thursday, January 26, 2012

We need more rain - like a fish needs a tandem :-)

 Toots in An Lanntair

 William in An Lanntair

Norman in An Lanntair

It rained again today. It's pouring down as I write despite or perhaps because there was a wonderful red sunrise this morning coming up over the mainland mountains. As they say, "Red sky in the morning, Sheepherder's pie at night" - or something like that. Which, as it happens is wrong since we are having potato cakes and other veg.

Twas lovely despite the dampness. I met Mr Leica Man at his Hebridean Garden Machinery, then William, my former-work colleague for a Mocha in An Lanntair. Norman was there of course then along happened Toots. That's the nice thing about this place, you'll be pretty certain to meet someone you know every day.

And yes, these are meant to be blurry ! Made with Kodak Fine Grained Positive and Polypan-f film.

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Iain said...

Great pics, as usual. Here we, too, had rain yesterday evening - albeit a few drizzly, niggardly drops only!